NYC is full of people with BIG IDEAS. 

Some of these people are born with AUTO-WHIP...

For the rest of us- a little push goes a long way.

What is WHIP?

WHIP is an accountability-based service for those who need a little pressure to put those great ideas into action.

How does it work?

Weekly/biweekly 30-60 minute supportive sessions are scheduled with the WHIP in which plans are created and deadlines assigned. This can be done at the main office in 47 Greenpoint, at your work space or any cafe of your choice.

How much does it cost?

Rates are individual ranging from $100-400 a month.

Who is the WHIP?

Ingrid B is a medical doctor, artist and entrepreneur who understands what it is like to be an ambitious person with difficulty staying on task. Passionate about developing enriched human relationships and starting new projects, she decided to create WHIP.

Who is WHIP for?

- For your writer friend who has been writing that book for the past decade.

- For the 10 pounds you've been dying to lose forever.

- For the artist who's $$ NYC studio has been collecting dust for a while.

- For the photographers who havn't worked on a studio series since grad school

- For the house wife/husband who wants to kick start their ambitions outside of the house.

- For musicians who haven't put out an album in 3 years.

- For the  entrepreneur who doesn't know where to begin.

- For the student who has a dangerous relationship with Procrastination. 

- For the late sleepers who need motivation to get out of the house before 10am to work on their projects.

Stagnancy is a massive source of depression for highly creative and ambitious individuals. Attain productivity again through:

----------ping-ponging ideas with your supportive WHIP

----------getting non-judgemental + constructive criticism if requested

----------having deadlines you set with your WHIP

----------being accountable to your WHIP for your projects